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   Ivor Cutler photo © Pip Benveniste
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  A Flat Man


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"Cutler quietly and sparely draws you into his world of talking eagles, cowboys and dreamy childhood memories as his harmonium muddles along. Utterly engaging."

     Campbell Stevenson, The Observer


"The welcome reissue of this album – unavailable since 1999 – is on a label set up by Cutler’s family to revisit his extensive archive. Darker at points but no less childlike and playful, his harmonium creaks out a weary tune or a Jew’s harp twangs delightfully while Cutler intones his own vivid juxtapositions. He was the ‘master of the inappropriate’: a title few could even begin to aspire to."

     Mark Robertson, The List


"...so here it is reissued with a fine booklet containing drawings and photos and a very insightful text by his son Jeremy Cutler, which is about the first thing I’ve ever read that actually provides some real insight into the mind, the history and the preoccupations of this completely unique man."

     Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector


"A Flat Man is a defining moment as the closing chapter on a poet laureate for a deranged generation. Unclassifiable brilliance."

     Samuel Strang, Drowned in Sound


"A Flat Man stands out musically in that it has more improvisation than other recordings. Ivor could regard improvisation as an indulgence except where it was genuinely inspired. Thankfully, he was not as strict with himself on A Flat Man as he was on previous records. It is a delight when he allows himself to wander - the wilfully naïve track 'Your Smell' has some exquisite organ playing; a pity the piece is so short. It's profound melancholy compelled me to include it in my choice of music for the Memorial event organised for Ivor in July 2006. The tracks 'Fish', and 'British Museum' have more of this sombre delicate extemporization."


"The album ends with a precious minute of Ivor playing simple jazz/blues harmonium. Ivor would have listened to the playing and recording quality, the noisy clicking and clacking of his keys. He would have known that he could have produced a cleaner version, but he liked to have frayed edges to his work and would have told the sound engineers not to bother about it."

     From the sleeve notes by Jeremy Cutler




"The world needs Ivor Cutler in order to think differently"

     Billy Connolly in Looking for Truth with a Pin


"But I always loved the surreal edge to it. I think there's a distracting absurdity about Cutler's music because it deflects you slightly from the fact that he's often very sharp-witted; there are some very pointed observations within his songs."

     Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand in Ivor My Inspiration



Track Listing


1.     A Bubble or Two
2.     A Flat Man
3.     Jam
4.     Alone
5.     What Have You Got?
6.     What?
7.     Out with the Light
8.     I Ate a Lady's Bun
9.     One at a time
10.    Living Donkey
11.    And so do I
12.    Excitement
13.    Questionaire
14.    Bleeding Shoes
15.    A Ball in a Barrel
16.    Blind 
17.    My Next Album
18.    Aquarium
19.    Flies
20.    The Dichotomy of Love
21.    Lemonade
22.    Birdswing
23.    Turn to the Right
24.    Empty Road at Little Bedwyn
25.    I Built a House
26.    Dumb Dames
27.    Jackfish
28.    The Bowling Green
29.    Between Two Walls
30.    Patronage
31.    One of the Best
32.    Search for Grace
33.    A Romantic Man
34.    True Courage
35.    Knocking at my Door
36.    Moist Flier
37.    Old Boots
38.    The Long Way
39.    Your Smell
40.    Fish
41.    Shoes
42.    Deductive Lepidopteron
43.    Stubborn Vassals
44.    Filcombe Cottage Brook
45.    Gorbals 1930
46.    British Museum
47.    Smack!
48.    Ep.1. Doing the Bathroom



  A Flat Man CD


 PRICE £9.00

 Buy any 2 CDs to receive a free